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A young Jamaican female that’s on the road to self discovery through her writing, would best describe the contents that lie within. This site is a display of my work, published and unpublished writings, photographs of my travels and the world through my eyes. I do hope that the contents may be entertaining, as it is enlightening and inspiring. Do enjoy.

About Me


It's sometimes hard for me to describe myself because I have so many interests and a general passion for life. I am an Accounting Officer by day and sometimes nights, Student on weekends and Freelance Writer somewhere in between. I have always loved to write but never thought anyone would be ever interested in reading what I wrote so my writing was limited to my diary or poetry that I shared with only those close to me.

In 2007 enrolled in a home based Writing Course and it prompted me to publish my work. Currently writing is a hobby but I have been successful in my attempts to be published. It’s a constant learning process which requires discipline and dedication which I sometimes lack but I am enjoying the journey to self discovery as my inner writer gradually evolves. My other love is travel which I don’t get to do often enough.

The ultimate dream is to merge my two loves, I can’t think of a better way spend my life than travelling and then getting paid to tell others about it. I am working towards that but in the mean time I figured that by publicly declaring my dreams, it will bring me closer to making them a reality.




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